Taqueria Irving Texas

Taqueria Irving Tx

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Taqueria Irving Tx

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Taco Menu It does not matter if you do not know the origin of the tacos, this representative plate of monterrey keeps a special place within our favorite garnachas. In addition to our tacos recommendations we present other places to eat that will take you out of a sigh. Advantage!

If you are ready for the rest, you should not avoid chilaquiles as they are called. Ask them with egg, chicken or quesillo, depending on how hungry you are. We recommend them green as the sauce is exquisite, they arrive smoking in a colorful plate and the totopos fresh and crispy. They are not very spicy, so feel free to complement them with any of the sauces that serve you at the table.


Taco Menu Tacos Breakfast Irving Tx


In addition to the chilaquiles, they have another dish not to be missed: the gorditas. They are gorditas of chicharrĂ³n, quesillo, pastor and chicharrĂ³n with stew. Ask them drowned in green sauce, is a sincere applause to the Mexican fritanga. An important detail: the food is not greasy; Not that we want to cover the sun with a finger, but it speaks of the good practices of the cuisine of this place.


The burritos are huge, if you arrived early (and still have) ask one to the pastor, then bathe it in one of the sauces until you sweat everything you can. Flour tortillas are accompanied to perfection with any filling you choose will surely make you happy. Taco Menu


You can also tap, from the classic of pastor to rib or arrachera; Or eat some chopped flutes, some chorizo, some muffins for breakfast and, even if you are on a diet, some cactus taquitos.


Maria had kept this famous secret of the area, with satisfying portions, prices that cheer and heartwarming food. It is not a requirement to arrive with a hangover, with hunger and craving is sufficient for you to enjoy the Mexican proposal of this restaurant Sunday. Taco Menu


The family that serves this taqueria has more than 30 years in the business and therefore their meat recipe to the shepherd has been perfected. Proof of this is the traffic congestion that can occur after 8pm in the left-hand lane and on the sidewalk, by the number of people determined not to get home without a pair of Tacos al pastor of this tiny place.


The gringa al pastor has hit because they make it different here. It is a flour tortilla the size of a normal corn tortilla, the cheese is passed through the iron so it dora a little and put enough meat, is like a taco. Ask them with everything, without fear: onion and cilantro. Taco Menu


Paste cake is the specialty and they make it with telera. Bring mayonnaise, lots of meat to the pastor, cilantro onion, cheese, tomato, avocado and rajas. A soon starves.


Another of its secrets are the sauces, red and green. The red one is the best for the pastor, because it has a mixture of dried chilies, garlic, spices and vinegar, while the green one is fresher for the tomato and combines better with the carne asada tacos. Taco Menu


Taco Menu The location of this taqueria is very accessible, it is located in the middle of several arteries of the city so you will not deviate much to give you that taste.


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